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Rox Flower Enhancer


Rox Flower Enhancer is a nutrient supplement designed to substantially enhance flowering in all flowering plants.



Rox will greatly increase the yield, quality and appeal of your plants. Use Rox about the 3rd week of bloom alongside your normal base macronutrients for two weeks. Shake well before use. In recirculating hydroponics systems, before using Rox make up a fresh nutrient solution. Use 3 ml of Rox per litre of nutrient solution. Don’t change you solution for one week. Top up nutrient solution as necessary. For soil-grown plants: use 5 ml of Rox per litre of nutrient solution, and apply 10 litres of solution per square metre of growing area. For run-to-waste systems, use 5 ml of Rox per litre of working nutrient solution. Ensure plants receive Rox for at least 10 days. Rox Flower Enhancer is available in 1 litre bottles. Rox Flower Enhancer contains humates, seaweed extract, organic acids, PGRs and triacontanol.

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