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Omega 1000W DE 400V Metal Halide Lamp


The Omega Lighting 1000W DE 400V Metal Halide Lamp combines 1000w/400v technology with full-spectrum lighting, producing intense light that’s much closer to natural sunlight than HPS lighting.

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Omega 1000W Double Ended Metal Halide Lamp

Omega’s 1000w Metal Halide Lamp combined the latest technological advancements to bring the grower a project with two ceramic tubes that have been developed to optimise light output.

For a higher amount of usable light energy as opposed to a higher light output, the 1000w Metal Halide Lamp is the ideal choice. Lumen output is incredibly consistent and the tube has been designed to reduce heat dramatically, allowing for an increased lifespan and a lower grow temperature. This works together to contribute to an increased yield.

Improved PAR Output

The 1000w Metal Halide Lamp has also been crafted with air purification chambers which improve the PAR output and the lamp carries a CE Mark and a minimum of one year’s guarantee. 

With the 1000w Metal Halide Lamp, beam patterns are much smoother with striations and hot spots have been significantly reduced, allowing for a greater degree of energy efficiency and additional wattage produced for the bulb thanks to Omega Lighting’s advanced super-lumen technology.

  • Delivers 1000w / 400v technology for an affordable price
  • Compatible with all 1000w / 400v doubled-ended lighting fixtures
  • Produces intense light that covers most of the spectrum
  • Maintains its performance for twelve months – no need to replace after each grow
  • Can be dimmed to lower output levels if necessary
  • Pairs up nicely with Omega V-Pro and X-Pro fixtures.

Additional information

Weight 0.40 kg
Dimensions 35 × 10 × 10 cm

125W, 200W, 300W, 450W


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