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House & Garden Amino Treatment


After many years of research, House & Garden caused a sensation by launching Amino Treatment on the market.

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Amino Treatment is a revolutionary new product that obviously ensures a better harvest of fruit in quality and quantity.

The product consists of a balanced complex of elements such as silicate particles much smaller than those found in conventional silicon.

Amino Treatment also contains a unique growth and flowering stimulator from a plant seed extract.


Plants always provide a regulatory reserve to their seed, a kind of base consisting of enzymes and amino acids that energetically stimulates root development, growth and fruit formation.

The use of Amino Treatment therefore makes it possible to obtain a better distribution of the leaves, a higher photosynthesis ratio, more robust stems, better root activity, better fruit formation in quantity and quality and a higher sugar content. To see is to believe!!!


AMINO TREATMENT for exuberant growth and flowering.




Optimizes the phases of rooting, growth and flowering.



20/100 ml: 100 L of watering



Week 1 – 0.20ml : 1L

Week 2 – 0.25ml : 1L

Week 3 – 0.35ml : 1L

Week 4 – 0.50ml : 1L

Week 5 – 1ml : 1L

Next weeks – 1ml: 1L


Add Amino Treatment to each watering up to three weeks before harvest. First add the basic fertilizer and then adjust the acidity. Administer Amino Treatment and other potential stimulators such as Roots Excelurator.

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100ml, 1L


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