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Grotek Monster Bloom 2.5kg


Monster Bloom is a high-quality PK powder manufactured by Grotek,a leading brand in the manufacture of fertilizers for cannabis cultivation. The high content of phosphorus and potassium promotes an explosive floral development, reaching extraordinary yields.



It has earned a reputation for saturating flowering plants during the middle of the flowering cycle. The high concentration of phosphorus in the product stimulates root growth and flowering and plays an important role in the metabolism of the plant. Potassium helps to improve the quality of flowers and fruits, optimizes photosynthesis and the generation of starches within the plant. It also has a natural ingredient derived from plants that helps to increase the flowering potential in general.
Due to the powerful concentrations, Monster Bloom should be discontinued before the last two weeks of flowering to ensure that it has been used and consumed by the plant. The result will be a crop with abundant flavor.

Directions for use: Add 0.3gr per liter of water from the 4 week to 2 weeks before harvest.

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Weight 2.5 kg


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