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GHE Terra Aquatica Final Part 5L


GHE/Terra Aquatica Final Part (ex Ripen) 5L is a complete stimulator for flowering to be used only in recent weeks to promote the final ripening of the fruits and accentuate their weight.
For all methods of cultivation: hydroponics, above ground and
ground. Terra Aquatica Final Part acts
on different levels: – It sends the plant a strong signal to let it know that it is dying.



She reacts with accelerated flowering and fruiting in the effort to reproduce before dying.
– Forces the plant to increase its defenses and consequently its active ingredients.
– It provides the plant with all the minerals that will be needed during its last breeding effort.
– If the plant has accumulated nitrates or oligo-elements, it helps it during the metabolization of these residues, improving taste.
– Allows you to quickly complete a crop before it spoils in the case of the end of the wet and cold season.
– In the greenhouse or inside, it allows to harmonize the end of the cycle and to complete more quickly the maturation of the later plants.
– In the case of a harsh attack by pathogenic germs or insects, it accelerates the cycle to obtain a harvest before the plants are destroyed.
– Finally, it increases the active ingredients of medicinal, aromatic and culinary plants. Administration :
during the last 10 days of flowering, dilute Final Part in water with adjusted pH (between 5.5 and 6.5).

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