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Emerald Harvest Grow 1L


Grow is a mineral fertilizer for growth of the Emerald Harvest brand. It is a three-part fertilizer that we will use in conjnto with: micro and bloom.



Benefits of Grow Emerald Harvest

By using the series of professional nutrients you can:

  • Fully enjoy the flexibility in the proportions of the aggregates.
  • To reach the maximum genetic potential of your marijuana plants, adjusting the feeding system according to the needs of your crop so that the results can be really favorable.
  • Strengthen the program so that your plants reward you with huge harvests.
  • The combination of the 3 components (Grow, Micro and Bloom),provides your strains with the perfect formulation, which provides the amounts they need of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium during the life of the crop.
  • It gives your crop a spectacular mix of trace elements such as cobalt, molybdenum and magnesium. In addition to ted micronutrients such as manganese, iron, copper and zinc.
  • The manufacturer Emerald Harvest has included in its line of products high quality ingredients so that your crops can develop their maximum genetic potential and the plants can have an excellent yield.
  • These products make your strains grow robust from the vegetative cycle to the final phase of flowering.
  • For its use you can use the bottle technique or create your own food portions. It all depends on the experience you have and the needs of your plants in particular.

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