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Emerald Harvest Bloom 1L


Emerald Harvest Bloom is part of the Gow trio, bloom and micro, base fertilizers and essential for the entire process of growing our plants.



Bloom Emerald Harvest

This base fertilizer, is one of the three parts of a line of fertilizers for professional use that work together, includes high quality ingredients to help your plants have a great genetic potential and be able to obtain a high yield.

The Bloom Emerald Harvest allows the marijuana plants in your crop to develop strong, from the vegetative cycle to the final phase of flowering. It is an ideal fertilizer for hydroponic, aeroponic, coconut and peat crops. It is currently one of the most requested fertilizers by growers and one of the most awarded in Norteamárica due to its excellent formulation.

Characteristics of bloom emerald harvest

  • It is green and its consistency is liquid.
  • It has a very mild smell of ocean.
  • The texture is similar to salt water.
  • The shelf life is about 3 years if you preserve it properly.

Benefits of Bloom Emerald Harvest

The Bloom Emerald Harvest brings to your plants an enormous amount of benefits,let’s see the contributions of some of its components:

Monopotassium phosphate

  • It gives your plants phosphorus and potassium when nitrogen fertilization has to be limited.
  • It considerably improves the quality of the harvest.
  • The production of female flowers increases.
  • It is of great help for rootdevelopment.

Potassium sulfate

  • Increases the quality of the final product.
  • Considerably increases the concentration of the volatile components of acetate, total soluble solids, alanine, glutamic acid, total sugar and aspartic acid
  • It increases the leaf area index thanks to potassium levels.

Magnesium Sulfate

  • The magnesium sulfate contained in the Bloom Emerald Harvest increases yield and crop quality.
  • It is an essential contribution to the period of photosynthesis.

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