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Dutch Pro – Take Root


  • Dutch Pro – The choice of professional growers in Holland for over 30 years
  • Take Root – Boosts root growth, stress resistance and plant health
  • Contains ingredients of natural origin
  • Provides plant hormones and micronutrients
  • Boosts cell division and elongation, as well as nutrient transport
  • Builds a huge root system for maximum-size crops
  • Formulated to work brilliantly with all hydroponics or hand-watered plants
  • Works in all types of grow-medium – soil, coco, clay pebbles, rockwool etc.
  • Perfect for use with the range of Dutch Pro nutrients and other additives
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Dutch Pro – Take Root
Dutch Pro Take Root contains a wealth of ingredients of natural origin which greatly increases root development and overall plant health! Added into your feeding programme, Dutch Pro Take Root helps your plants to build a stonking root system by boosting cell division, cell elongation and improving nutrient transport into the plant itself. Roots are the engine of a plant so use Dutch Pro Take Root to ensure you maximise your crops!
Dutch Pro produces some of the highest quality and abundantly producing plants that you’ll find anywhere, and the fact that they have spent the money on what’s inside the bottle rather than on fancy packaging means that they’re great value-for-money too. It’s no wonder that Dutch Pro are becoming so popular!
How Dutch Pro – Take Root Works
Dutch Pro Take Root is best used during the vegetative growth stage and the first 2 weeks of flowering/fruiting. Dutch Pro Take Root is made from various high quality ingredients of natural origin which contain hormones and micronutrients. The effect is that cell division, elongation and nutrient transport are all vastly accelerated. This helps to build a large, healthy root system leading to faster growing and more productive plants. As if that wasn’t enough, Dutch Pro Take Root also slows down the ageing process for prolonged good health!
Roots are the engine of the plant and Dutch Pro Take Root improves that engine so much that it’s amazing that anyone would grow without it! Add it into your Dutch Pro nutrient schedule and see the results for yourself!

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